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Jason Kramer, CEO of Cultivize, speaks with industry leaders to uncover their roadmap to success and the “secret sauce” to help your business soar!


Joe Pici – Top 3 sales trainer worldwide who unlocks the entire sales cycle.

Listen to Joe Pici shares his tips for cold calling, appointment setting and overall sales strategies to bring your team skills to the next level. Joe shares his 20 years of knowledge in what others pay thousands of dollars to learn at his training workshops.
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Bob Reish – Has helped thousands of professionals improve productivity, increase profits, and enhance their quality of life.

From the individual entrepreneur to large corporations, his clients have become more productive in less time, produced millions in revenues, and experienced more freedom than they ever thought possible through his experience, systems, processes, and curriculum, regardless of the state of the economy.

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Vicki Harte – Demystify’s marketing and crystallizes the objectives of her clients.

She crafts solutions and deliver results. From SEO & analytics, strategic planning, branding building & web design, non-retainer media buys, video content, lead generation, social media planning & execution, programming and creative print services, PR, Harte Marketing Cooperative has all the offerings of a full-service agency without all the agency bloat.

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