Lights, Camera, Marketing Plan

Money is well spent when there is a successful outcome whether it is hiring, strategic planning or a well thought out budget plan.  The end result is a compilation of skills and a detailed workflow which hopefully leads to a triumphant goal.  In looking at the way corporations operate their businesses, a key and critical component is a well thought out marketing plan.

JLK Creative has partnered up with our clients to ensure that creative marketing plans and strategies are ongoing with our team’s constant support that leads to success.  Marketing plans are measurable by an increase in business, how much more revenue is generated which goes hand in hand with how well the plan is implemented.  In addition to what may seem like the obvious measures of growth, JLK Creative can also analyze the impact of a marketing plan behind the scenes.  In order to achieve a successful marketing plan, there are several key elements that need to be established to ensure that your business is getting out to the public and is portraying your company’s image and core mission.

What’s Your Plan? Here’s What It  MUST Include.

Every business owner has a plan, although marketing is such an important component, it sometimes gets hidden and lost in the bigger plans.  It may seem obvious that a business knows their target audience and understands the most effective way to connect with their consumers, but what about the other untapped resources that can benefit from your service or product?  Successful marketing and communication can reach potential new opportunities that may not be your typical everyday client.

So, where do you start in creating a victorious marketing plan?  The first step in your plan is to put yourself in the client’s shoes, what is different about you, your business and what you have to offer?  If you were researching companies within your industry, why would you choose yours?  Second, who are you talking to?  What I mean by that is, who or what is an ideal client for you.

Figure out what specific traits and information about businesses that you would have synergy with and use that baseline to target specific people.  Even if a business is “different” from yours, you are NOT the only one who does what you do.  Competitors are key, what can you do differently or what are you doing differently that makes you better and unique?

Know your competition inside and out, if there are multiple options, you want the client to choose you.  Branding, branding, BRANDING.  Quick quiz in your head…what are Starbucks colors?  What is McDonalds jingle?  What is Nike’s symbol?  I am sure it only took you a few seconds to come up with the answer.  This is the significance of a strong brand.  Start with a mission statement that is quick and to the point.

Figure out why a customer should believe what you have to say and that you can deliver the “goods” and keep your promises.  Whatever you put out there, ensure that you keep the bottom line in mind and what you are telling the public you will execute.

Your Story and Actors Are In Place. Now What?

Now that you have the foundation for a marketing plan, you need to spread the word.  Of course print still works, but in today’s world, you need to go with the technology route.

Start off with email blasts and automated marketing to get the word out quickly to your established network.  This is a good way to get your connections informed about your upcoming plans.  The next broadcast should be on social media.

Determine where your target audience is and find the social platforms they use both professionally and for recreation. Advertise through platforms like facebook, twitter and linkedin to reach your audience.  Both of these methods will reach people you want to connect with and will create a spider web effect.  Get your company and brand out there so people remember you, the impact that an ongoing marketing plan can have could make or break your business.

At JLK Creative, we believe education is more important than action, call us today (845-201-9353) for a consultation that will shed light on a targeted marketing approach that will yield the results you need to grow your business.

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